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On this course you will be guided and trained by our dedicated trainer, Alan.  Having served in the Metropolitan Police for over 18 years and becoming their Blue Light Champion - a mental health support service for those in the emergency services, Alan brings a wealth of knowledge, training and experience with him to to each workshop.  Alan's commitment to raising awareness of mental health, breaking down stigmas and driving forward with positive change to improve everyone's well being is what makes this workshop invaluable.

Who Should Attend?


This course is designed for everybody, delivered to be informative whilst providing opportunities to take a break, discuss mental health in general or to talk and listen to each other at a pace to suit all those attending.


No matter the environment, whether a person is finding their work pressures are too much, their home life has become overwhelming or they have a friend/loved one/colleague that they can see are struggling, this course gives them the opportunity to learn, understand and signpost to enable the right help and support is attained.


We train in a relaxed environment to suit your needs, this can be a quiet room within your workplace or a dedicated training space of your choosing away from it all - your course - your choice.  But wherever we train, we set agreed boundaries, encourage support, honesty and respect and expect confidentiality from all those attending.

What Will I Learn?

  • That 1 in 4 people will experience mental health problems in their lifetime

  • 12.5 million working days were lost in 2016/2017 due to mental health related illness - 49% of all sick days

  • What causes mental health issues, how to recognise the symptoms and go on to help or signpost

  • Five ways to a better wellbeing.

Why Use 1st Aid Fire?

Because we are committed to raising awareness through our Mental Health Workshop at an affordable cost for all and will only use experienced and qualified trainers, for this workshop only Alan fits the bill.

Length of Course and Cost

  • Up to 12 learners per course

  • 4 hours

  • £450


Where Can I Book?

Click here to book online any of our courses taking place at our training centre.  If you would like to arrange one of our courses at an alternative venue, please click here to complete our Course Enquiry Form and one of our team will be in touch.  For all queries, please email or call us FREE on 0808 123 2401.

"Delivering a force for change - a social movement that makes a difference."


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