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Most fires are preventable.  The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires that every non-domestic premises has a fire risk assessment.  Failure to comply with the legislation can result in a fine of up to £5,000, or imprisonment of the 'responsible person'; this is the owner or manager of the premises.  Carrying out a poor or inadequate fire risk assessment can put lives and property at risk as well as putting the responsible person on the wrong side of the law.  The Fire Risk Assessment should then be reviewed every year, and whenever a major change in the building layout or use has occurred.

Do I Need a Fire Risk Assessment?


Any premises which is a workplace, somewhere the public can access, and residential buildings with multiple occupants needs one.  You're responsible for fire safety in business or other non-domestic premises if you are the;

  • Employer

  • Landlord

  • Owner

  • Occupier

  • Anyone else with control of the premises; examples include building manager, managing agent or risk assessor

  • If you have paying guests

If you hire five or more people, then there needs to be a written record.  However, even if you have fewer employees you still need to be able to provide proof that a fire risk assessment has been carried out.


Why Use 1st Aid Fire?


​Because we only use professionally qualified Fire Risk Assessors who have not only the necessary qualifications but also real experience and knowledge in firefighting.  We only use Fire Risk Assessors that come from a firefighting background.  You will receive a professional yet friendly service, considering the needs of your business/residence and your employees and/or residents, followed by a written report with a clear and time framed categorised list of action points.

Your Fire Risk Assessment will not only ensure that your property meets the legal requirement but also by following our guidelines and recommendations you can ensure that adequate and appropriate fire safety measures are in place to reduce the risk of fire and if a fire does break out, that injury or loss of life are minimised. 


What Will it Cost?


Our Fire Risk Assessments are individually tailored to your premises and occupants, and start from £150.  Factors which impact on the cost include:

  • Size of the building

  • Number of occupants

  • Vulnerability of occupants

  • Use of the premises

  • Number of floors

  • Sleeping occupants

  • Risk level of premises

  • Hazardous materials and substances


There are no hidden costs, our quote will be fully inclusive of all elements including site inspections and reports.  

How to Enquire or Book


Telephone: 0808 123 2401 or email:


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